Get Your 1-Month Kickboxing Pass for Only $65!

Want to check out what all these kickboxing classes are all about? Our 1-Month Kickboxing Pass is perfect for you then! Unlimited access to our kickboxing classes for an entire month. Get a taste of this exciting and unique way to workout with the guidance of a seasoned trainer.

1 Month Kickboxing Pass

$65 for 1 month
  • Unlimited Kickbox Sessions

Get Your 2-Week “I-Want-It-All” Pass for Only $65!

We know it’s crazy… but we are going to give you access to everything we do for 2 weeks for just $65! Come as often as you’d like, try out all of our classes and decide what you like best. This pass gives you access to weight training, Cardio classes, Kickboxing fundamentals (non-contact), Kickboxing cardio, and yoga all for just $65 and no contract or commitment to anything else. But we are sure you’d love it!

2-Week “I-Want-It-All” Pass

$65 for 2 weeks
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Access to all of our classes


Not ready to dive in yet with personal training? Let’s get to know each other better first. We’ve got your back and will ensure you get a workout that pushes you, but won’t start you out too hard.

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