Small group for those looking for the “private” experience on a budget!

Our small group experience allows our trainers to work with groups of just 3-5, giving that personal touch in a group environment. Perfect for those that need more focus than large group, but don’t need private or are looking for a more budget-conscious option. Our trainers work on the needs and at the pace of the group, determining what the best path to fitness for the small group is.

Small group is a fantastic way to obtain the guidance and accountability of specialized trainers to maximize individual RESULTS in a group environment.

Join so many others who have experienced what it’s like to work with Control Results. We look forward to meeting you!

Small Group

  • 18 Sessions for $450
  • Encouraging and fun atmosphere
  • Join a group or bring a group. Everyone is welcome.
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Not ready to dive in yet with personal training? Let’s get to know each other better first. We’ve got your back and will ensure you get a workout that pushes you, but won’t start you out too hard.

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