Group training designed to be unique and affordable!

Our group sessions offer a unique approach to fitness. In this fun environment we provide the structure for each person to work out in a way to meet your individual needs to avoid injury and maximize results. Sessions include group weight training, Cardio classes, Kickboxing fundamentals (non-contact), Kickboxing cardio, and yoga all for one price. 

  • 15-20 people maximum per session
  • Encouraging and fun atmosphere
  • Specialized trainers to maximize individual results in a group environment
  • Pick any time or date so we can schedule your measurements & 3D scan!
  • Join a group or bring a group everyone is welcome.
  • Free meal plan (for contract plans!)

Join so many others who have experienced what it’s like to work with Control Results. We look forward to meeting you!

Large Group - 8 Sessions

  • 8 Monthly Sessions
  • No Contract

Large Group - Unlimited

  • Unlimited Sessions
  • No Contract

Large Group - Unlimited (Contract)

  • Unlimited Sessions
  • 6-Month Contract

Weight Lifting Sessions

Group and Private Training

We believe in helping you reach results in your fitness journey, and our weight lifting sessions are a part of that formula! Our large group sessions are broken down by what muscle group you will be working each day. It’s proven this method is far more effective in creating results than doing a full body workout every day. Breaking our workouts down each day by muscle group allows us to lead a much safer and more effective session with all the desired sweat falling along the way.

Joining one of our group classes is like hiring a personal trainer with 15 of your friends to join you! The trainer will break down each movement as the class progresses together to ensure proper form. Getting a great workout is not about how much sweat you produce; more importantly, it is about what results you achieve at the end of every week!

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