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Large Group Training

Private Training


Receive personal and undivided attention from your private trainer. This is the fastest way to see results and get to your goals!

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Small Group


Our small group experience allows our trainers to work with groups of just 3-5, giving that personal touch in a group environment.

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Large Group

$105monthly (starting at)

In this fun environment we provide the structure for each person to work out in a way to meet their individual needs.

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I’ve been working out at control results for 3 weeks now and I love it! I’m seeing results thanks to Adam’s meal plans and the great training I am getting from each of the trainers I have worked with. Adam has a great system that can work around my crazy schedule. The app allows me the flexibility to choose training sessions that work for me. The gym has a feel like no other I have seen and all the people here are amazing. I know I will reach my goals with the help of everyone at Control Results!


Great atmosphere where your not just a number!!!!!


Awesome trainers! I’ve lost 35 inches since the beginning of May. I have more energy and feel stronger overall. My friends and family are amazed at my results.


Cool environment, fun workouts & really like all the trainers!


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5:00am - Hinge/Row
6:00am - Hinge/Row
9:00am - Hinge/Row
11:00am - Hinge/Row
4:00pm - Hinge/Row
5:00pm - Hinge/Row
6:00pm - Hinge/Row

5:00am - Cardio Press
6:00am - Cardio Press
9:00am - Cardio Press
11:00am - Cardio Press
4:00pm - Cardio Press
5:00pm - Cardio Press
6:00pm - Cardio Press

5:00am - Leg Smash
6:00am - Leg Smash
9:00am - Leg Smash
11:00am - Leg Smash
4:00pm - Leg Smash
5:00pm - Leg Smash
6:00pm - Leg Smash

5:00am - Cardio Pull
6:00am - Cardio Pull
9:00am - Cardio Pull
11:00am - Cardio Pull
4:00pm - Cardio Pull
5:00pm - Cardio Pull
6:00pm - Cardio Pull

5:00am - Fundamentals Friday
6:00am - Fundamentals Friday
9:00am - Fundamentals Friday
11:00am - Fundamentals Friday
12:00pm - Fundamentals Friday
5:00pm - Fundamentals Friday
6:00pm - Fundamentals Friday

8:00am - Shred Saturday
- Yoga


Not ready to dive in yet with personal training? Let’s get to know each other better first. We’ve got your back and will ensure you get a workout that pushes you, but won’t start you out too hard.

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