Why Choose Control Results? We’re uncrowded. We’re a spacious 20,000 square-foot training facility and offer a select family of group, private and hybrid training programs. This “by-appointment-only” approach makes us an exclusive, sought-after fitness experience. Your age, size, shape, and fitness level never predetermine or limit your success here. Schedule a free consult and apply today. 

We Do Functional Training

Our training programs focus on strengthening your body’s major muscle groups, targeting different areas of the body in each workout session. We are NOT crossfit, but a gym focused on fitness for life outside the gym.

Personal is Just That – All About You

Why choose Control Results? Because we know everyone on a first name basis and are emotionally invested in each member’s success. You’ll work at your own pace and fitness level, and never get a one-size-fits-all approach.

Control Results is a gym dedicated to functional fitness training
Control Results is a gym dedicated to functional fitness training

We Get Results

Whatever your goal, we’re here to help and have 15 years of success to show for it. You even have access to trainers outside the gym via texting for support.

Never Been to a Gym? Even Better!

You don’t have to be fit, just committed! We teach you proper form, focus on your goals, and monitor your progress, constantly tweaking exercise or nutrition plans for optimum results.

Got Arthritis, Knee Problems or a Bad Back? No Problem

We use your strengths and our experience to accommodate any physical limitations. You’ll exercise safely for YOUR body and improve your overall health.

We Know. You’re Sick of Crowded Gyms

That’s why our gym membership is capped to avoid overcrowding and provide a better experience.

Group, Hybrid or Private Training: What’s Best for You?

Whether its group classes, private training or a hybrid of both, Control Results is a gym focused on an exclusive training experience that gives each member a personalized program that delivers results.

Apply Today. Schedule a consult to get started.

Control Results is a gym dedicated to functional fitness training

Dilly & Scooter Get You Motivated

We keep you accountable, but sometimes Control Results pups Dilly & Scooter stop by to add some additional encouragement!

The Motivator