The Fastest Way to Reach Your Fitness Goals

We have 15 years of success in private training. Our programs are personalized to your needs with meal plan, weight and measurement tracking and loads of support. We are not Cross-Fit or a one-size-fits-all gym. We are focused on you and your goals and offer an uncrowded by-appointment only training gym that gives our members an exclusive fitness experience.

  • Welcoming, family culture that isn’t intimidating
  • Trainers focused on your goals
  • Support and encouragement from trainers and members, alike!
  • 55-minute sessions personalized for your capabilities and goals
  • Accommodations for any physical limitations
  • Special hybrid programs that combine private training and group classes.

Private Training Packages starting at $55 per hour. Pre-paid and monthly payment packages available. No sign-up fee, no contract. 30-day money-back guarantee. Schedule a consult and apply for private training.


  • FREE initial consultation to discuss your goals.
  • 55-minute one-on-one training session with an expert trainer 2-3 times per week!
  • An uncrowded, non-intimidating gym environment.
  • Nutrition counseling and free meal plan – the key to your success!
  • Professional equipment in a well-planned, fitness training space.
  • Monthly tracking to see results and make any adjustments.
  • Text access to trainer for support and questions.
  • Welcoming environment full of support

One of our members began her journey at age 62 and look at her progress!

Control Results Transformation

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We have 15 years of success in private training
Private Training Results

What’s Keeping You From Starting Private Training?

Whether it’s your first time working with a trainer, or you’re choosing our gym to continue your fitness efforts, we make sure you’re comfortable and equipped with the information and support you need to be successful. As a new member, you get your first workout free!

What Do We Do at Your First Workout?
  • Record your weight and measurements
  • Take front, rear and side view photographs
  • Discuss your health and fitness goals
  • Review your fitness plan and explain the cancellation policy
  • Go over the “by appointment” training process, set up the app to schedule appointments
  • Review the tracking process
  • Outline the gym dress guidelines and hours of operation
  • Demonstrate our training warm-up requirement. (We recommend you arrive a few minutes early to complete this BEFORE each training session)
  • Tour the gym and familiarize yourself with location of water fountains, restrooms, weigh/measure room, etc
Why Do We Take Photos?
  • It helps us continually fine tune your meal and/or exercise plans to meet your goals
  • It allows you to see your progress and understand how the combination of training and diet are impacting your health and fitness
  • It gives us a chance to discuss any challenges you may have

We don’t share your personal measurement information ever. We don’t share your photos in our member success stories to motivate others unless you give us permission to.

What Are the Workouts Like?

The first workout is a light, introductory 55-minute workout. We’ll explain our functional training workout strategy that targets major muscle groups that we call PUSH (chest, shoulders, and triceps), PULL (back and biceps) & LEG (quads, hamstrings, hips, butt and calves). We include core and mobility exercises, too. This provides a safe, balanced program covering the entire body in the week. We recommend private training clients schedule three times weekly, but however you schedule, we rotate exercise to focus on these main muscle groups.

Why Push, Pull, Leg?

Our focus is on “functional” training, which means you’re better able to manage the demands of daily life activities. Climbing stairs, carrying or reaching movements, picking up kids or heavy boxes, bending over doing yardwork, twisting and turning, etc. All these actions demand large and small muscle groups, so with life being more sedentary these days, we must keep our bodies in functional working condition for strong bones, flexible joints and optimum mobility.

What Is the Meal Plan?

If one of your desired goals is weight loss, we’ll set up a meal plan on day one. In our first session we’ll:

  • Discuss the meal plan and best practices
  • Encourage you to commit to changing eating habits and trusting our process
  • Discuss the importance of drinking water and using a food log
  • Encourage you to try new recipes and experiment with ways to make healthy, good-for-you food
What Else Can You Do to Succeed?

Members with the most success work outside the gym, too.

  • Find ways to get daily movement, particularly on days you’re not working with a trainer. Use our cardio equipment, take a walk, ride a bike – anything to move more and sit less
  • Stretch – daily if you can. It supports joint strength, helping them move through their full range of motion when in the gym. A good de-stress, too!
  • Clean out the pantry of items you know offer poor/no nutrition or a snacking challenge
  • Even with a family to feed, you won’t struggle on the meal plan if you take time to prepare. Cook the same meat and vegetables for the entire family and add different side dishes that you just don’t eat right now (potatoes or pasta for example). Better yet, find new healthier options for everyone. Just get creative!



Welcoming, We Know Everyone’s Name!
Private Training for Your Fitness Level
Custom Workouts Each Session
Uncrowded, By Appointment Only
Emotional & Nutritional Support Via Text
Measurable Results through Monthly Tracking
Emotionally Invested in Your Success


Making You Another Face in a Too-Big Crowd
CrossFit or One-Size-Fits-All Programs
Repetitive, Rubber-Stamp Workouts
Crowded, Chaotic, Waiting on Equipment
Unavailable After You Leave
Repeating the Same Routine with No Results
Just Counting Memberships, Franchising