Control Results Successes

The hardest part of starting an exercise and nutrition program is walking in the door and making a commitment to begin. There’s often fear of the unknown, being self-conscious, second-guessing yourself and thinking you’ll be different from everyone else. Being active is integral to keeping ourselves healthy.

That’s what is so great about Control Results. Everyone here is on a journey and we’re all in it together. Our gym is full of members of all ages, sizes and shapes. And because we limit membership to keep the gym from being overcrowded, our community is a close-knit group of people who know each other and cheer each other on. We remove the fear and show you right from the start that you can do this. You’ll jump in and be happy with your decision to be more active to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our personalized workout and nutrition program targets your goals whether that’s to lose weight, build muscle, or have consistency in being active so you stay functional no matter your age. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of gaining strength in your body and improving your cardio, too!

Control Results Training

So don’t wait any longer. Come talk to us. We’ll chat for a few minutes, introduce you to the trainers and show you around the gym. You’ll see that joining the CR family will not only help you enjoy a more active lifestyle, but also be a non-intimidating, great experience, too. 

Call 321-610-4534 or make an appointment now for a free consult to learn more.