Myzone fitness tracker

The Myzone Fitness Tracker is in at Control Results. Pick yours up next time you’re in the gym.

We’re encouraging our entire CR member community to add a Myzone fitness tracker to their fitness program to track heart-rate based workouts. Tracking will be available in group training, private training and open gym to measure what matters when it comes to fitness. Challenge yourself, connect with trainers and friends on the myzone app, and track your progress – it’s a super accountability tool and motivator. Plus myzone integrates with all major fitness wearables and applications.

The new MZ Switch lets you choose between adjustable chest, arm or wrist straps to find the most comfortable way to monitor your workout. Use it in the gym, outdoors or when you swim. View heart rate, calories and effort level in real time and get the most from your workout.


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Need a new gym? Or ready to get back in the gym? Let’s get started!

myzone fitness tracker app