Control Results’ spacious 20,000 sq. ft. gym, no crowds, and equipment offering are just part of why members love it here. We’ve recently moved things around in the gym, added some new equipment and made additional floor space.

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by, check out the main equipment room in the pictures below. Control Results is located on US 1 near Pineda Causeway (across from Grills) in Melbourne, FL. We offer private training, group training and open gym memberships in a private club atmosphere with no crowds.

Control Results Cable Rack and Squat Machine

Control Results Cable Workout Rack, Dumb Bells and Floor SpaceControl Results Weight Room

Control Results Weight Room Cable Racks

Control Results Weight Room and Equipment

Control Results Dumb Bells

Control Results Cardio

Control Results Lobby

Control Results is unique is many ways – call us to set up a tour or make an appointment to discuss private or group training! 




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